At Arrusé Group we are moved by emotion and quality. We want all our guests to enjoy a unique experience and service. Our professional, caring team is fully dedicated to the Mediterranean way of life. Our main mission is to disseminate the Mediterranean diet and promote a healthy lifestyle through our restaurant chain, offering guests a unique and welcoming experience.
Over the years, the Mediterranean diet has become much more than an eating plan. Today it is a lifestyle. A way of understanding food, physical activity, gastronomy, relationships and cooking as a single entity.
Our cuisine is based on fresh, local, seasonal produce that go into a wide range of Mediterranean dishes so that all palates can discover and enjoy the benefits of this lifestyle.


Arrusé Group is committed to innovation and our starting point is a will to improve. That’s why we always seek out the best locations and most suitable décor for our establishments, paying attention to detail to make your experience with us truly unique.
Our aim is for our clients to be satisfied, and that can only be achieved through excellent service. Our staff make every effort to anticipate guests’ needs, attending them warmly and courteously to make their time with us enriching.
We want their visit to our restaurants to be much more than just having a meal, and we do our best to ensure that they have a pleasant, relaxed, festive time, providing exquisite specialities in a unique setting.
Our extensive menu, always featuring the finest quality ingredients, is faithful to the Mediterranean diet and way of life. Its unmistakeable flavours and the infinite properties of its produce make it one of the most complete diets in the world.